Celestial Dawning:  A New Age and Curiosities store.
Located at 7602 Michigan Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
The ParaVault: Paranormal Investigation Equipment
Aura Picture Packages are Available


Welcome to Celestial Dawning,
A New Age & Curiosities store. 

The property that our store is on has been sold. We have just met with the new owner. As much as we loved this building, with the upcoming changes and poor traffic conditions, we cannot afford to stay here much longer.

So in preparation, we have issued a store-wide 25% clearance sale on all items from now until January 3rd.. Even on the previously marked down, gift basket and specialty items. Large consignment items may take best offers.

Again we ask. Please, send your good energy, donate any loose change, and stop in for some unexpected deals on wonderful items. Hopefully we’ll make enough to start moving.

The online store is up and we are trying to load more items!!


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