Celestial Dawning:  A New Age and Curiosities store.
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Celestial Dawning,  A New Age & Curiosities store. 

The online store is working & now loading more items!  Please click the link, or graphic below to go to the new web-store!  https://squareup.com/store/celestial-dawning-lllc


Currently our shipping abilities are set to a Flat Rate Shipping fee of $10, so please be aware of that for small purchases..

*** Store Closing Announcement ***

Celestial Dawning will be closing our physical store location on Michigan Road in the next 6 weeks. Final day is Sunday, May 15th.

We appreciate everyone, old friends, new friends and those that may have just wandered into our store these past few years. We felt blessed to have so many embrace our shop and help fill it with great memories. We’ve enjoyed spending time with all of you.

Our little store has had many challenges these past few years with landlord, parking and difficult visibility issues. However, with the positive wishes and light energy sent by all of you, it was enough to help endure those struggles and attempt to press on.

Unfortunately, new hurdles are impassable and we have to rethink how our store evolves to survive. For now, it means we reduce inventory quickly and prepare to put things temporarily into storage. Our plans are to build revenue and sometime in the near future find a more appropriate location to re-open.

CD & Staff will continue having a social media presence, giving status updates, interactive specials and giving opportunities to do Aura Picture Parties. Also continue attending events, such as Pagan Pride and the fantastic upcoming Good Journey’s Expo at the Noblesville fairgrounds this weekend April 2nd & 3rd.

We will also be enhancing the celestialdawning.com web-store with many of our unique items, so that you can still purchase those treasures and have it shipped directly to you.

We’re not gone yet!, We have several fun things and guests planned for these last few weeks. If you’ve been thinking about stopping back by, or wanting to visit our store for the first time, please do soon!

To prepare for the closing, we will have several special Clearance Sales to find new homes for the great items we carried. The 1st special will be 20% all regular items, and 30% all Orange tagged items. Other Specials will be announced in the coming weeks. The Clearance Sales will continue until close at 6pm on May 15th.

With the Very Best Appreciation & Thanks,
Jason, Rachel & Alexandra

yes (Allison, Danny, CB & Mel too..)

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